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New update looks realy awesome and i see a lot of improvements team made. Great work!
The only thing that bothering me now - it's collecting art - there is no "Collect" link now and adding art to folders which are at the end of list become really annoying (i need to wait while it will scroll automatically)...
Thank you to all you guys who was participating in this event!
Let's congratulate
- Rand0mD00dles for taking first place - she got screen capture of 10,000 page views!
- Life-Wanderer - she got 10,001 so i thought it will be nice to give here 80 points in two parts - 40 now and 40 a bit later!

Great job, girls! :)
points giveaway by KriGH

Ok, I have 100 points i want to spend :)
And I almost got to the mark in 10,000 "home page views" (overall my 83 deviations were viewed 61,536 times).

So, I will grant those 100 points with the one who will send me a note with screenshot showing me that he is 10,000 user :)
If there will be several people (meaning that someone is cheating) i will just just split them into number of participants.

Concerning i have around 20-40 pageviews per day - you have 2 days :)

Good luck!
I just spent 25 bucks on llama trade and points giveaway for comments and favs...
I was actually quite good investment - i've got a lot of comments, finally got some critique on my works and input on my player works. Even if those llamas will disappear on the other day - it doesn't matter :)

Also got around 200 pageviews (usual number is 25-30)! Yahooo! ^__^
points giveaway by KriGH
As a usual attention whore - I NEED MORE INPUT!!!

So i will do next - i will give 5 :points: to anyone who will put any comment on this deviations:

as well as for this another version here:…

10-20 points for fav and some small comment!
10-50 :points: for some nice comments that can help me improve those things.
100 :points: for a nice idea i will implement.


upd: up to 300 :points: for a fair critique (under critique request) - the  thing i was looking for when was sending invitations to some masters of UI :

I think that's quite fair, and you? :)
And here comes next thousand.
Thank you to all who viewed my page. I'm keeping work and soon will post some nice vector assets that every designer need in his everyday like. It will be epic share :D
Stay tuned!

Bought premium account again. I can't use deviantArt without those great features anymore ^__^
Thanks guys from deviantTeam for their great work!

And a bit of statistic if everyone interested :)

KriGH has 6,006 pageviews total and his 75 deviations were viewed 42,232 times. He watches 179 people, while 30 people watch him.

Overall, his deviations received 153 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 313 times, while he commented 160 times, making about 0.08 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he gave 10 comments for every 10 that he received.

His deviation with the most comments is Icon.Goth milk ? with 25 comments, while his most favourited one is Icons.theMilk, with 67 favourites. His most viewed deviation is Icons.theMilk with 5,860 views.

Third place go to icon OldClock - icon i did for our iPhone clocks -…

Quite nice i think :)
All right, guys!
I have 3 promo codes for our "Old Clock" app.
If anyone want this "spicy" old fashioned clock on his/her device - simply DM me :)
Recently i was doing design for blackberry tweeter-client. Check this page for screenshots and description:…

i think it turned out quite nice.what you think ? :)
Thank you, guys!
Let's head for the next 5000 in next 3 month!!!
This guy is a maniac!!!…
check how he repaints this stock models... INSANE!!!!
Did you ever missed thumbnail preview of photoshop files in Windows?
Here's the solution!!!

Only 400Kb install and you will get your thumbnails for psd-files.
Cheers! 0/
All right!
Let's try to teach something from other's works. For example let's take Inquisitor, work by David Watanabe( I found this image through Google while looking for some interface refs.
Studies.Yahoo Inquisitor. by KriGH
Copyright © 2008 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Concept+Design by David Watanabe

Let's take original image and desaturate it to get luminance values. And then one more image with maximum contrast and minumum brightness.
All right. Let's take a look on first one image.
1) The most noticible item - is blue rectangle with icon and white text on it.BTW, title on it is typed with white bold font and small description below it with regular white font. I think it's done to create large "white spot" and to attract users eye to this location. It shows selected item (i assume :) - the most important location. If we'll take a look on desaturated version we will see that this recatangle with text for large light gray area which attracts our eye the most.
2)This thing is going second because the most noticible part was blue. Our eye will look for simillar items - other search results. they are shown on dark underlay. Title is typed with bold white font, but part search criteria is marked with blue color. Description below is typed with dark grey regular font.This was done to attract less attention. On desaturated version we can see that white bold title attracts attention, while grey description is hardly noticeble (we can see this even more clearly on high contrast version)
3)and 4) Don't know how this thing working ^__^ So let's assume this thing remamber where we were before and show us this information. And again - don't know why one of the is larger than other - maybe because it have more visits, or they were done a while ago... If someone will describe this to me - that would be great ^__^ The reason why i thought this thing going 3) and 4) is because of color. Eye seek for changes and after blue color we have green, white and dark greay."Black" is assumed as background color.
5)Next thing - is recent simmilar searches. Bold white on black + icons. Good contrast. Yet still a bit less than colored elements. Yet on desaturated and high-contrast versions this icons create large white eye-catching spot.It seems that this should distruct user, but then again - eye catches color elements first and then all greyscale elements.
6)Short-cuts and some information about recent searches. If you will take closely you will notice that it's typed with a bit lighter font than description of search results. Looks like this information have higher priority.
I'm in love with this gauges ^___^…

Always looking for updates from TAT. They're creating really awesome interfaces.Check their homepage:
There is a lot of awesome things!
I wana promote peoples too ^__^
I know some of my watchers, just like me, fond of interfaces and icons.
Today i want present to you artist with really great icon-works.
Meet: AAAAlex (linkt to his gallery:
Realist School Icons by aaaalex
mod stlye icons by aaaalex

I think his works is worth to follow! (damn that twitter word ^__^)
Now it's free for EVERYONE !

p.s. Tell me - why i bought premium membership two days ago ? :|
Just activated my premium account again ^___^
And all because of new dA|Portfolio thing.
I don't have much time now, but still wanted to have portfolio on the net. This thing will help me noew ^__^

Check this by yourself - it worth it:…
WTF?? Someone have stolen my theMilk icon :(
Check this:…

And here's my original:…

To whom i should report ? :/
Yahoo !
Just got my invitation to Behance Network.
Gona upload portfolio from here and some new work only for Behance.
You can find me here:

p.s. It's empty atm - but as fast as i will be at home - i will update it :)
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Join me ^__^
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Yahooo ! :)
I like the results. They aren't so good as they could be. But still 3K views for a year. For me now it's a good result ^__^
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